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Berlin Map

Welcome to our all new interactive Berlin map! Using this handy new tool, not only can you see the layout of the city centre (and beyond!) but you find the exact location of some of the best hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and cultural attractions in Berlin. Berlin is a stonking 40km across so it's well worth knowing which direction to head for before you set up! Use the search panel on the far left to bring up specific searches and the navigational tool on the near left to zoom in and out. Want more features? Drop us an email or leave a comment below.

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Berlin map

good map

reviewed by Gerhard Bielert from Canada on Jan.29.2015


reviewed by anna from United States on Jan.16.2014

Good to use

reviewed by CAT from Hong Kong on Dec.20.2013


reviewed by C Chadwick from United States on Apr.09.2013


reviewed by from Finland on Mar.10.2013

Germany Berlin was the most beautiful place I've ever visited in my life over 2012 festive season, I had a bliss. Clean, beautiful and helpful people.

reviewed by Phuti Phadu from South Africa on Jan.14.2013

Every good websit

reviewed by Ragas from Italy on Nov.30.2012

very friendly

reviewed by ben from Israel on Oct.28.2012

fine web

reviewed by Örvar Ingólfsson from Iceland on Sep.12.2012

a very useful map.

reviewed by steve valentine. from United Kingdom on Aug.15.2012

already commented yesterday. Have not seen the map yet!!

reviewed by Hanna from United States on Jun.14.2012


reviewed by alen from Croatia on Jun.14.2012

excellent map

reviewed by Hanna from United Kingdom on Jun.12.2012

really good site

reviewed by from United States on May.08.2012

looking to visit germany some day am looking for good bar to drink at in berlin

reviewed by Angela larson from United States on Apr.04.2012

i want to know howmany business study university are available? please info me.

reviewed by reaz from Bangladesh on Nov.17.2011

not sure yet - you don't let people look at the map before they have to fill out this form!!

reviewed by Gina from United Kingdom on Oct.19.2011

Nice feature

reviewed by Ariel from Israel on Aug.16.2011

very good

reviewed by c from United States on Aug.02.2011


reviewed by aviv maoz from Israel on Jun.29.2011


reviewed by bob from United States on Jun.17.2011


reviewed by Jesline from Singapore on May.23.2011

cannot find location of a street in Rudow, Berlin where I used to live

reviewed by Billie from United States on Feb.16.2011

Very good and very useful, pity I did not have it the last time we traveled to Berlin.

reviewed by Paul from Ireland on Aug.22.2010

it seems really very useful

reviewed by neriman from Turkey on Aug.15.2010


reviewed by ANDREA from United States on Jul.14.2010


reviewed by ale from United States on Jun.29.2010

i love it most of the time . but to day its allways stuck on alexanderplatz?

reviewed by begga from Iceland on Jun.18.2010

Can be more detailed

reviewed by john from United States on Feb.27.2010

Great Site ;)

reviewed by victor from Spain on Feb.10.2010


reviewed by from United States on Feb.07.2010


reviewed by jg from Algeria on Jan.26.2010


reviewed by tom from Albania on Sep.27.2009


reviewed by tom from Albania on Sep.27.2009

Thanks for adding in these extra points on the map - much better now!

reviewed by Mark from United Kingdom on Aug.04.2009

I wanted the map and you come with a survey, cheeky.

reviewed by Zari Harat from Germany on Apr.28.2009

A good site

reviewed by Godfrey from Germany on Feb.08.2009


reviewed by Ven from Greece on Jan.15.2009

Better than others!Im foud the bahnhof i need very quick!Thanks!

reviewed by Vlad from Ukraine on Jan.01.2009

Nice site!!!

reviewed by giorgos from Greece on Sep.07.2008


reviewed by madeleine from Romania on Jul.31.2008

great!! very helpful for tourists...

reviewed by francisco pavon from Chile on Jul.25.2008

i haven't seen much of the services here
yet because your feedback box comes up
before i'm allowed to do a street search! you'd better check on that.

reviewed by alex from Greece on Jul.20.2008

I like it! Useful.

reviewed by Ganesh Bagler from India on Jul.14.2008

i just want information ! enough with enforced email address captures !!!!!

reviewed by SPC from France on Jun.25.2008

nie wiem o co chodzi

reviewed by kuba wel from Poland on May.29.2008

in culture tab:
why there is no muslim information? mosques ...

reviewed by ahmad from United States on Mar.05.2008

Great job but I look forward to seeing more hotels and nightclubs on the map. At least Berghain is here though:)

reviewed by Brice from France on May.07.2007