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address: Waisenstr. 14-16

tel: +49 (30) 2425528

fax: +49 (30) 2426891

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Berlin’s oldest restaurant in the cradle of the city has a rich mythology as well as a tempting menu.
Zur Letzten Instanz lies on a street parallel to the very epicentre of medieval Berlin, and is based in a building that has been standing for almost 500 years. Although the street is now called Waisenstraße (Orphans’ Street), it was previously known as Bulls’ Corner – for it formed a dead end, quite literally, into which the good butchers of the city would drive their cattle to slaughter. But it’s greatest claim to fame could be possession of a 200-year-old stove, said to have been one of Napoleon’s favourite spots for resting, dining and warming his republican loins.
Now, the restaurant offers seating for 120, in two sections linked by a charming Baroque spiral staircase. The split seating means that Zur Letzten Instanz can offer a choice of intimate dining for couples, or a party atmosphere for larger groups.

Zur Letzten Instanz

Traditionnal german cooking: not high end, rather plain sauerkraut and eisbein (pigs nuckle). Those looking for the finer eateries of Berlin should avoid. The terrasse is very nice, food is rather something we want to forget.

reviewed by François from Canada on Jun.16.2011



Die Berliner Republik
reviewed Mar.12.2015
"I enjoyed this place and all of their beer selections I got a little to muc..."
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