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Cometh the hour, cometh the club... Yes, that's right folks, Tresor is returning to Berlin! For fourteen eventful years Tresor was the undisputed colossus of Berlin's club scene, ever since it introduced the capital to techno music back in 1991. Those days were full of excitement, as a reunified youth (see the Berlin Wall) discovered electronic music together and danced to the wee hours of the morning in the underground vaults of the famous Wertheim store. In 2004 however Tresor was forced to close, and some believed an era had ended. But listen, the giant stirs... Tresor 3.0 reopens this May in an old power station. Expect big big things!


Berlin's best club - hands down!

reviewed by Jake from New Zealand on Nov.07.2012

Was here in mid January and had a great night. As far as atmosphere and vibe goes, it leaves the Berghain for dead.

reviewed by Nik from Australia on Jan.31.2012

vas y tous a poil et on s'encule...

reviewed by LEO from France on Jan.04.2012

VERY NICE CLUB!!! The sound is quite perfect_ maybe a bit overwhelmed with basses_ the creepy rooms and corridors make you feel like you re experiencing something unreal... Door policy was alright with us, on dec.29th and on sylvester, we were a group of 5 guys (19/20yo) dressed casual and we ve been in easily! Definitely the place to go when you been kicked out from Berghain !!

reviewed by ATG from France on Jan.04.2012

We went to tresor last week end for the 8th birthday of Ostfunk. The club is very underground as soon as you take the stairs down. Really great minimal music in both floors, but only the lower as this crazy dark, flashy, hardsounded atmosphere you won't forget. The entrance was 12 (special night) and beers 3.50. Very easy to get in, just don't look to properly dressed, the staff is cool!

reviewed by aviamo from France on Nov.14.2011

Went to Tresor on my birthday with some friends. The doormen were great (I had forgotten my ID and they still let me in.) The top floor was typical, but man, the vault was insane. The exposed concrete and industrial-look was awesome, and the bass rumbles so heavy you can feel your organs shaking inside. I was in an absolute trance the entire time, completely lost in the music. I arrived around 1AM and left around 7AM. I will be going again. And again.

reviewed by Stacey from United States on Apr.30.2011

arrived as a couple at 12ish saturday there was a small que and the italians infront of us where having problems getting in! made us worry...we got inside. It was a huge club very scary and weird, the bar man charges you an extra 50p via a blue token you get your 50p back when you return your glass or the beer bottle plus token, yes complete mission but they make a fortune!!! The music in the main room sounded not so good but the downstairs room was like a scence from blade, without the vampires and blood!...amazing! we danced for as long as our ears could withstand the sound system ive never heard anything as loud as it in my life, talk to a few travellers and a few drinks and left at 3am to go to watergate...

reviewed by alli and ugo from United Kingdom on Jan.12.2011

I shall be thinking of traveling to berlin and thinking of heading to TRESOR. As im into electro and mininal techno. What like are door staff to non germans, will they turn you away for no reason, also what sort dress code. As im scottish my German is not great, very bascic.

reviewed by happy harper from United Kingdom on Dec.11.2010

im going in TRESOR,tonight, if enyone wont to come with me is welcome...

reviewed by markus from Serbia on Jul.16.2010

Is the new Tresor open already? May of what year?>

reviewed by Diane from United Kingdom on Jul.24.2009

This place looks great. Lots of interesting Djs playing... I hope to go there one day when in Berlin. I envy you people too!!

reviewed by Fruity from Poland on Apr.09.2009

Laura Tresor is not for the faint hearted nor is it for Rosanna Davison types...purely a music club. Superb!!!Can be intimidating walking up as often the big steel doors are closed and you have to knock. Generally ok though but have the name of a DJ playing that night just in case. Much easier to get into than Panorama/Berghain. Brilliant club. Brilliant city. I envy you going!!!

reviewed by Alan from Ireland on Mar.25.2009

Going to Berlin in a couple of weeks. Is tresor easy enough to get into and what's the dress code?

reviewed by Laura from Ireland on Jan.12.2009

The venue itself is worth the night out. It's legendary, it's dangerous!!! Good mix of very hardcore downstairs (watch your step!) and more tuney in the battery raum. Would have to queue for hours and pay through the nose if this was in the UK. Can't wait for my next visit there. In fact, I'm off there tonight!!!

reviewed by MOJO from Ireland on Oct.31.2008

we went to Tresor but unless you like the movie SAW, and like monotonous boring music, do not go to this place. if you do want to go, make sure to check what kind of music is being played on that specific night otherwise AVOID!!! as for the crowd, they all looked like they wear still in their pajamas...really trashy looking!

reviewed by AJ from Germany on Jul.13.2008

Awesome place! Tresor is a Berlin institution - do not miss it!

reviewed by Harry Launder from United Kingdom on Mar.13.2008

Oh my god what a venue. Was suprisingly quiet on a Fri when we went - Sat appears to be the main clubbing day in Berlin - But still was amazing. Downstairs was traditional Boom Boom Boom Boom techno with upstairs a bit lighter minimal - Great place

reviewed by Sam from United Kingdom on Nov.13.2007

Tresor: had suburban knights playing downstairs and they were awesome, really bangin' and the clubbers were shoulder to shoulder in a tech dancehall stylee... puwah class hey. Got turfed out for givin a young lad the makins of a spling splong at 6a.m. by which time I ha already decided to try and get into see Alter Ego live. we didnt get in and ended up in KitKat. Tresor was 10 to get in... bargain, I would have enjoyed Tresor more if it was friendlier but I really cant fault it. The Berlin Detroit alliance indeed!!

reviewed by jdub (johann) from Ireland on Oct.02.2007

I went to Tresor last friday night all excited. I thought that it would be amazing due to its reputation. I was severely disappointed.
Firstly, it's scattered all over a huge building, huge rooms, not too many people. The sound was ok, but the people that were there seemed to be a bit pretentious. The basement room was so loud that you had to put something in your ears and the music was so aggressive that everyone there was really angry looking. A guy shoved my boyfriend out of his way and he nearly fell over. One of my friends actually did trip over one of the stone ledges that are around the floor cos it was so dark and cut his hand pretty badly on some glass. to top it all, the staff in the cloakroom were unbelieveably rude. A wasted couple of hours in all.
We the went to Panorama Bar and had an amazing time - DJ Jan Erick form Areal played a storm and the crowd was cool.
I'm glad i went to see Tresor but i'd never go back again.

reviewed by Deborah from Ireland on Sep.18.2007

So good to have Tresor back! Really missed it. Berghain is good but you can't always get in... for this reason I prefer Tresor. And memories of all the great times in this club

reviewed by Saskia from Germany on Aug.31.2007

You must go dance at Tresor- it's brilliant. I was only in Berlin for one night, so I made sure I went. Techno forever!

reviewed by Todd from United States on Aug.12.2007

Berghain is way better than Tresor, but Tresor is Tresor, so you can't argue with that. Berghain hasn't yet reached the limit like Tresor has. I think we're going to see many more exciting phases of Berghain before it gets old.

reviewed by Zev Wolf from United States on Aug.01.2007

Everybody talks about Berghain simply because it's the best!! Okay Tresor is good, but the crowd @ Berghain is 1000 times more interesting!

reviewed by from Germany on Jul.20.2007

I don't know why everyone is talking about Berghain! It is past its prime already. Tresor is back... it's the real deal! No. 1 in Berlin for sure

reviewed by Jan from Germany on Jul.17.2007

Tresor, Tresor, Tresor!!! What more can i say? Make it your number 1 in Berlin

reviewed by Micky M from United States on Jul.02.2007

Bring it on! Tresor is back. It's gonna be badder than ever! Sweat, tunes, girls, and maybe the odd chemical enhancer;) Berlin baby!

reviewed by Mixmeister G from Germany on May.11.2007

Simply can't wait for May 24th. Tresor is back in Berlin baby! This will be the party of the decade

reviewed by Jan from Germany on May.03.2007



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