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The Kit Kat Club in Berlin is one of those rare clubs that has achieved legendary status before it's even been closed. It can chart it's history back to 1994 when a rather liberal Austrian couple decided to try and combine two scenes together: the hippy vibes of a Goa trance party and the hardcore love action of a fetish night. Well you can probably guess the rest. Although the orgies these days are said to be tamer than of old, let's just say that should someone offers you two fingers or four, it's nothing to do with a Nestle chocolate biscuit. If you are planning on paying KitKat Club a visit please note that only highly original, and revealing, glamour/fetish outfits will get you past the door.


Well, what can I say.. Jaw dropping experience! I went there with my boyfriend on a Saturday night. Can't compare this place to any other club we've been to. Open minded, wild, progressive, 'out-of-the-box', respectful, stunning, playful.. that's the Kitty alright! The interior design is not exactly top notch and the music is mwah, but the atmosphere is really laid back, especially around the pool. We felt safe there. And: what happens in the Kitty stays in the Kitty.. :) Go there and see for yourself..

reviewed by Bo from Netherlands on Jun.20.2013

I've visited al the most trandy and special clubs in the world..but KITKAT is the year since 2010 i'm there and HAVING SO MUCH hot

reviewed by pietro from Italy on Dec.20.2012

Great place! Excellent music! Great people watching!

Had an absolute rage here with my partner. Highly recommended.

reviewed by Nik from Australia on Jan.31.2012

arrived at 8am sunday morning to a welcome friendly crowd, had a few drinks and a dance and went on to another club, glad we went and seen the club, would like to visit again.

reviewed by alli and ugo from United Kingdom on Jan.12.2011

kitkat is definetely one of the coolest club on earth ! I would recommend to go there only on a saturday night, to really enjoy the feeling of the club. the other nights are pretty dull.

reviewed by norbert from Germany on Sep.10.2010

Contrary to most rumors, we found the venue very clean (I have yet to witness any other club where the toilets are continuously cleaned during the entire night), very comfy and cosy, and the people polite and non-obtrusive (and friendly, devoid of ego AND looking good as well). The best club we visited in years - we had a great experience here and will certainly be back for more.

reviewed by Ellen from Germany on Sep.05.2010

One of the best clubs i've been too in germany back in 2005. If you love the nightlife and the "freedom" it a must to go while at least twice.

reviewed by Durite00 from United States on Jan.04.2010

this club is wicked honey,sooooo berlin...

reviewed by kathy from United Kingdom on Jun.25.2009

awesome party! people are enjoying themself in a more open minded way. music was wonderful, sex is in the air but it remains very safe! wanna go back as soon as I can..."

reviewed by LB from United States on May.29.2009

About as kinky and sexy as a night in a public toilet. Rancid old fatties sitting around in the nude trying but failing to get it up and self-conscious wannabe "outrageous" boys trying too hard - pretty hilarious but I guess they thought they looked good. The music is ok but the djs can't mix -but the venue is ok (if a bit grubby); drinks not too expensive but not well made. Not sophisticated but fine if it's your thing.

reviewed by Clio from United Kingdom on Jun.30.2008

I was on tour with the Chippendales a few years back and visited the KitKat Club. It was one of the most memorable moments in my life! Amazing club.

reviewed by david from United States on Apr.06.2008

such a place would never be possible here in new york. kitkat is definetely one of the best night club in the world. thanks berlin, thanxxx kitkat.

reviewed by bigger from United States on Apr.01.2008

the kitkat was a much better club back in those days when it was located in the bessemerstrasse. the new location simply doesn't do it for a lot of people. also last year before they move to Mitte the club was really mixed crowded, lots of gays were kitkat addicted, today at sageclub there's hardly any gay men coming, it's very sad! one good night to get the feeling of the good old days is every last friday of the month for the Piepshow (former after hour).

reviewed by sebastian from Germany on Feb.13.2008

berlin's best club since years! simply too real and original! one negative thing with kitkat though: they have the worst sound system I ever heard in my life at the new location!

reviewed by peter from Germany on Dec.01.2007

saturday was our first time at new site ,club was better than last time have been lots of places but this is one of the best in the world erotica london can be good but shuts too early. carry on the wicked work kit kat club. see u soon. lucifer and pussycat. x

reviewed by lucifer from United Kingdom on Nov.12.2007

The best night club in the all world! and I know what I'm talking about. there's no place on earth like the kitkatclub. freedom, tolerance, fantastic music, go on guys...what kirsten and thaur achieved is simply breathtaking!

reviewed by oren from Germany on Nov.06.2007

I went to the Hustlaball (gay night) and I found it to be the worse party ever! The music sucked, the crowd sucked, and it was overpriced (145 euros for the VIP room?). Shame on KitKat for hosting such a bad event.

reviewed by Pete from Austria on Oct.30.2007

The boss at the door (kirsten krüger) can be really strict, she likes people to respect her club's identity, so the dresscode is a MUST. the kitkat is probably one of the best club in europe, the music is always good (techno/tech-house/electro), the people in the club are more friendly and open minded than in any other venue in berlin. Just be prepared for some sex action happening all over the dancefloor, some love it, some hate it, unless you wanna be part of the action? The venue is actually quiet big, looks a bit trashy, very cosy too, the prices are fair, coat check for free!!!! I would always recommend a visit, KitKat is a berlin institution, it's 100% worth it!

reviewed by hamlet from Denmark on Oct.02.2007

7am entry with another str.guy... tops off ravin 5mins later. Lovely crowd, dont be shy in there the crowd are so friendly and although it's very sexual it's not intimidating, I could tell you a story of what happened to me in there but you'd best just check it out for yourselves... Tania/Sabrina if you read this. Eternal thanks for the welcome etc. Music was techno, some great...heard some Plastikman and aphex stuff,but quite samey (sorry dj)If its cutting a rug all night you want try Tresor or Berghain (if you get in)but for the sheer experience this club is worth checking out. Fresh fruit bowls at 2pm were welcome. Thanks KiTKaT

reviewed by jdub from Ireland on Oct.02.2007

kitkat is a so good! great people, very good music, the new location at sageclub might not be the best but at least kitty is in town again. one disturbing thing: their sound system, maybe the worse in berlin!

reviewed by luci from Germany on Sep.18.2007

I used to go to kitkat a lot before they move to sageclub and it was the best crowd in town. The mixture between gays and straight was so perfect! but now it's over! I tried 3 times the new club...NO GAYS ANYMORE! It sucks really!! I guess the gays were big fans of the PiepShow after hour wich has been cancelled from the program by the boss. Too bad!!

reviewed by Mario from United States on Aug.21.2007

kitkat's new location is very different than the large bessemer bunker! it takes time to get used to it. 2 small dancefloor, one (too) big chill out area. the saturday night is still the same, great music, colourful crowd, sexual atmosphere. the new after hour isn't as good as the old piepshow though. maybe it's only because of the summer (usually a quiet season for clubs) but on sunday the kitkat is quiet empty! It's a bit sad!!

reviewed by master14 from Germany on Aug.12.2007

KitKat is totally wicked! Bow to the queen of all the nightclubs. Kitty is eternal!!

reviewed by Joe from Germany on Jul.29.2007

The new kitkat opened at the former sageclub in mitte last week. I was there and I can tell you it really rock there. the new location is really fantastic, they can now play with 4 different dancefloors...CRAZY! the crowd last week end was amazing, from trash to stylish, from beautiful to ugly, from normal to freaks. It's so Berlin !! I was not into kitkat anymore during the last years, for me the far away "ikea location" was a turn off, but now I think it will become my favourite club in berlin again. they simply do it better than everybody else in town there. music is fantastic, location super freaky, people so opened, mature, friendly...GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO KITTY!!! F O R E V E R !!!!

reviewed by Diana from Germany on Jul.14.2007

We were there for CSD! I can't believe what we saw, what we heard, and what we did!!!
It was the best gaypride of my life, thanks to kitkat. We are so looking forward to go back...

reviewed by Michael from Israel on Jun.24.2007

kitkat moving to sageclub!!? what a stupid move...I'm afraid this won't work. they couldn't find a better venue than the bessemerstrasse? and they are stopping the piepshow afterhour on sunday...another wrong decision. this is all very sad really!!!

reviewed by fred13 from Germany on Jun.17.2007


me and my wife are what we can call "regulars" at kitkatclub...since 8 years! we do go out to other clubs in berlin from time to time but we always stayed true to kitkat. it's just a home feeling for us. simply because it's not a club pretending to stand for any kind of trend or music style. the concept of kitty stayed REAL since the very beginning!!!! every style of music is allowed in kitkat, people are much more openminded than in any other party in town, there's so much tolerance and generosity everytime. berlin can be proud to be the home of such an amazing nightclub, and if the kitkatclub was to close one day me and my wife would probably stop clubbing.

reviewed by marek from Germany on Jun.14.2007

Allelujah!!!!!!! kitkat is finally moving. who cares where actually, the important thing is happening...kitkatclub is not "am arsch der welt" anymore. they still need to re-think their program though, their kinky saturday nights might be cult but their friday nights have reached the lowest level since quiet a few years now: mostly bad music, lame party concept, tasteless promoters, the club was almost empty on those days. what a sad place it was ! "Carneball Bizarre" on saturday is still the best clubbing experience in town and it's very good that they are moving to Mitte next to tresor and berghain, more central than ever. all berlin is excited about 07.07.07 now.

reviewed by gaby from Germany on Jun.12.2007

The KitKatClub is a unique place, wonderful music, really open minded people!! It's a real kindergarten for adults. There's no other place on Earth like this club. For anyone visiting Berlin, GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!! go to KitKat and only KitKat if you wanna experience something out of this world !

reviewed by Christian from France on Jun.03.2007

Good idea for kitkat to move in a new location but why at sage-club ?? It's small and ugly there. We are hoping that this won't last longer than a year like when they were at Metropol in 2000. Kitkat deserves something better than this boring sageclub location.

reviewed by Micha / Kerstin from Germany on May.31.2007

Kitkat...? the BEST nightclub in Europe !

reviewed by Gerald from Austria on May.22.2007

Fabulous news about the Kitty. After 7 long years in exil far away in south Schöneberg they officialy move to Sage Club (U8 Heinrich-Heine-Str.) on the first week of July 2007. This is an amazing change for Berlin's clubbing landscape, from now on the three worldwide known Berlin nightclubs - Berghain, Tresor and KitKatClub - are very close to each other. One can talk about a real clubbing district around the Spree river and only the cab drivers will complain about it.

reviewed by Marco from Germany on May.16.2007

The kitkatclub is part of Berlin's legend. The club has nothing left to prove. Although the orgies are not as wild as in the Turbine era. It's good that they opened their parties to other music styles than trance and goa. I heard lately some fantastic DJ's in kitkat. The sunday after hour is maybe the best in Europe, the crowd is so mixed and the atmosphere is unique. It's good that they move back to the center of the city because so many people were sick and tired to pay around 30 bucks only for the cab. Let's just hope they find a fantastic location again but it's gonna hard for them because the bessemerstr was awesome.

reviewed by Olli from Germany on May.13.2007

I read all over the Internet and a lot on the kitkat website that they are about to move in July but they try to keep the new location secret! It's simply the most exciting place I've been to in my life and I go there about 4 times a year. If I was living in Berlin I think I would go to Kitkat every saturday! It's amazing how this club survived everything. I bet in 15 years it will still be there, still fantastic and unique. You guys...don't believe everything you hear about this venue, it's not only a sex club or a fetish club, it's only the most tolerant, open minded place in the world. Try to go there when D'jane Dramanui is spinning...she's A M A Z I N G !!

reviewed by Jana from Belgium on May.11.2007

The best club in Germany!! The best people, the best concept, the best energy, one of the most creative location (the club never looks the same). I was there again for new years eve and I had the most amazing time. The only thing one could complain about is their sound system...they don't play music loud enough and they should clean their sound.

reviewed by Matthias F. from Sweden on May.04.2007

I've been there last year and can't wait to go back ! If only we had such a great club in London.

reviewed by Kate from United Kingdom on May.02.2007

The KitKatClub is simply unique. It stands for tolerance, free mind clubbing, peace, and really good music! Without the Kitty Berlin wouldn't be Berlin. The club gets better and better every year, it's still full every week ends after 13 years of existence. CRAZY!! I met the most extraordinary people there, there's so much respect on the dancefloor, it feels like you are dancing with your entire family everytime, sex is of course happening all over the venue but you don't have to participate if you don't want to...Just be yourself at the door, Kirsten - the boss - is doing the bouncing herself and she has won her reputation of "best bouncer in town". Just respect the dresscode, don't be drunk and you'll get in ! By the way...SOON NEW LOCATION FOR KITKAT. They might come back in the center of Berlin finally.

reviewed by Tilo from Germany on May.02.2007

kitkat is simply the best place in the world. No other place like it. Good people, wild times:)))

reviewed by Frank from Germany on Apr.24.2007



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