White Trash Fast Food

rated 68%
4 reviews

address: Schonhauser Allee 6/7

tel: +49 (30) 50348668

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White Trash Fast Food is a hip restaurant and club in the old East German district of Mitte - for a long time the place to be in the capital. Set up in what was once a Chinese restaurant favoured by Communist party officials, WTFF attained instant cult status thanks to it's humorous and irreverent blend of Commie and all-American motifs. Still a fashionable place to hang out in, WTFF showcases an eclectic programme of punk and alternative bands either in the upstairs restaurant, or in the smoky basement - aka 'The Diamond Lounge'. If you want a slice of authentic Berlin look no further than White Trash.

White Trash Fast Food

AMAZING!!! Everything was awesome. I didn't really care for Berlin until today when I did the " free alternative tour"(completely worth it if you want to see things you would never see on your own) and THE WHITE TRASH FAST FOOD REST...had the best time, best waiter (MAX from london is awesome), the owner is awesome, rock'n'roll bingo is a blast, the menu is so hilarious!!!! The whole ambiance is fantastic!!

reviewed by Megan from United States on Jul.27.2011

I went twice to that place and totally regretted it twice.

The ambiance is good, the place is fun, but on the firs ttime they literally yelled at us because our tip was German and not American. On the second time, we paid the entry six euros, they did not clean the table, and we waited for hours to order and then to receive our orders. Some of us simply never received their beers and hamburgers even after a reminder, and had to leave with an empty stomach after more than 1,5 hours waiting.

This place does not deserve its reputation.

reviewed by Laurie from France on Jan.17.2011

welcome to berlin, this is how it goes...but I don't think that this should be a reason never going back to this bar or even never coming back to berlin...too funny LoL

reviewed by Phife from Germany on May.26.2009

This place is without a doubt one of the coolest in the whole city of Berlin. Top notch food, staff and music! And with prices that are more than fair. Everyone should go before there are no more seats left in the house!
Thanks and Cheers!

reviewed by Marcus from Denmark on Oct.29.2008



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