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address: Oranienburger Strasse 54-56a

tel: +49 (30) 2826185

fax: +49 (30) 2823130

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Nowhere captures the essence and energy of Berlin in the 90s as acutely as Tacheles does. It all started at the very start of the decade, just after the Berlin Wall fell, when a group of artists successfully saved the building - an erstwhile department store - from demolition. Despite resembling an architectural dog's dinner, the old ruin was proved to be structurally sound and the artists set up a cultural centre and nightclub here. From that day forth Tacheles has been a ramshackle, graffiti-ed temple to art and booze... Go and worship!


hey fellow africans! tourist safari is starting. go to tacheles to speak tacheles. smell the pee and feel like your part of it...

reviewed by Tidurt from Albania on Apr.25.2010

Went a few months ago and was really glad I did. Learned a lot, though apparently it is not as authentic as it once was. There's also a live music club at the top.

reviewed by Lionel from United Kingdom on Mar.31.2010

Very cool place, I was there a few months ago but I heard it was going to close soon - I hope it hasn't!

reviewed by Heather from Argentina on Feb.26.2010

sounds wonderful, but unfortunately i didn't make it last time i was in berlin. next time!

reviewed by Courtney S from United Kingdom on Oct.22.2009

just the place for me to retire

reviewed by antoinette alleyne from United Kingdom on Jun.10.2009

you should visit this place before they knock it down,or it drops down...don't be put off by graffiti on stairs go all the way to the top floor,very friendly,very interesting..

reviewed by john taylor from United Kingdom on Feb.09.2009

Tacheles was really cool and different and sums up Berlin. Can't imagine a place like this in the US. Should def check it out. Top floor is best... kinda rubbly

reviewed by jez from United States on Feb.21.2008

Best place no earth, the best drinks and even better art

reviewed by Billy-bob Smelter from Kazakhstan on Oct.25.2007

Absolutely amazing place! Various beach bars, entertainment, galleries and studios inside and up the stairs, plus two more bars upstairs. Different styles everywhere, palpable energy. The only bar I really partied at and didn`t regret it. Not to miss!

reviewed by Mike from Canada on Oct.07.2007



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