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Berlin is an absolute must for the party-goer with bars, pubs and clubs to suit every taste, and some of the most original venues to be found anywhere in the world. The city's famed ability to regenerate means that many a derelict shell has been revamped into the latest hip joint to be seen in. Be warned, Berlin is vast and many of the better places are hidden away - check out our directory and note down a few addresses first, or you could spend more time looking for the bars than drinking in them!

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There are 111 Berlin pubs and cafes on our website at the moment, and we update our listings frequently. When looking for a place to drink in Berlin, either use our search facility provided above, or browse through our bar and cafe directory. Berlin has a splendid range of pubs and clubs to choose from, so we're sure you'll find something to suit your fancy. If you think we should list any pubs, bars or nightclubs which are not already on our site, please do write to us and let us know! We need your feedback to help us make Berlin Life the most comprehensive guide in English to life in Berlin!


Berghain & Panorama Bar
reviewed by Sienna
from United States
on Nov.14.2014

"Do girls wear trainers or jus flat boots or heels? I'm going tomorrow and have no idea what to wear on my feet help"

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Berghain & Panorama Bar
reviewed Nov.14.2014
"Do girls wear trainers or jus flat boots or heels? I'm going tomorrow and h..."
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