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Originally completed in 1663 the Kronprinzenpalais, or Crown Prince’s Palace, has seen its fair share of history. Having stood in all its baroque glory for two centuries the Palace was rebuilt in the 19th century by King Fredrich Wilhelm in order to house his newborn son Prince Wilhelm II. During the inter-war period, the building assumed the role of National Gallery and housed some of the world’s most prestigious works and was visited regularly by none other than Albert Einstein. Wartime bombings meant that the whole palace underwent complete rebuilding in 1968/69 and, during the era of Germany divided, the Palace was used to welcome foreign dignitaries. The Palace also played host to the signing of the German reunification agreement on 31st August, 1990. Today the building hosts some of Germany’s most important, not to mention controversial, exhibitions.


Your description of the Crown Prince Palace being constructed by King Frederick William I for his son Wilhelm II is very, very inaccurate.
Frederick Wm I ruled from 1713 to 1740. His son became Frederick II "the Great" and Fred.Wm I had the palace remodeled for Frederick II and his wife Elisabeth Christine in 1733.
Wilhelm II was born in 1859! Need to check historical fact!! Such garbling of facts puts all your article in question.

reviewed by Jean Cummins from United States on Feb.20.2008



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